Daniel has been within the financial services industry for over 15 years and wanted to offer his clients a complete advisory service.

Red has built a strong bond with its clients and later life lending. Our vision is to take the stigma often attributed to Equity Release and show this can be a viable and efficient way to release funds from your home, whilst offering a friendly, yet professional service.

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Friendly, laid back, but professional.

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Having lost count of the number of clients saying how “normal” Daniel is when advising, he takes a friendly, laid-back, but professional service with his customers. Treating them not as “clients” but as friends throughout their financial journey.

Red was conceived when his mortgage clients requiring later life lending were being told to speak to a separate firm and not him. Viewing this as unsuitable advice, Daniel pursued the qualification in order to allow his customers a full offering.

a completed family feel

Why Red?

The name Red comes from my family. Remy (R), my son, Elyse (E), my wife, and me, Daniel (D).

As later life lending will tend to involve the whole family, a family feel to what can sometimes come across as robotic, was at the heart of what I wanted to achieve with RED.